Protecting Pipelines & Right-of-way

In addition to 24-hour safety and security procedures, Kinder Morgan relies on those living and working near our pipeline to help protect it by notifying the company regarding potential damage or right-of-way issues.

You can protect pipelines by always calling before you dig and reporting suspected damage. Call 811 or your local One-Call Center at least two or three working days before starting an excavation project, as dictated by state law, to have all utility lines running beneath the property identified and marked.

Report any scrapes or dents that occur during excavation so that the damage can be inspected and the pipeline repaired if needed. If it's not promptly repaired, the damage could result in future leaks or a serious accident.

The right-of-way is the land over and around the pipeline, typically 25 feet on either side of the pipeline in which both Kinder Morgan and the landowner have a legal interest. However, to protect the pipeline from damage there are restrictions which prohibit certain usage of this area. Unauthorized uses typically include the placement of buildings or structures or the planting of trees and shrubs, which might interfere with the safe operation of the pipeline. Unauthorized use is known as encroachment.

Kinder Morgan regularly conducts maintenance to trim trees and remove shrubs or structures that are on the right-of-way or prohibit the company from clearly viewing the pipeline route during aerial or foot patrols.

Contact us if you notice right-of-way encroachment.

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